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The HOLEA Coaching Method: 

Holistic coaching and intuition training for sustainable success in all areas of life

Hannes Stefan Trummer

HOLEA is a holistic coaching that opens the door to your personal and professional growth. In holistic coaching, intuition training is combined with proven coaching techniques such as mindfulness training, meditations or sensory perception training to support you in unfolding your full potential and experiencing fulfilment in your private and professional everyday life. 

The HOLEA method is more than just intuitive coaching. It is a journey to discover your inner resources and supports you in your communication and relationship building. The name "HOLEA" is a combination of the terms Holistic and Leading. The method integrates intuitive thinking, mental clarity and emotional well-being to support your sustainable growth

In the past I invested a lot of money and time in education and training, but today I know that with HOLEA - THE EASIEST coaching methodology in the world - it is also possible to become a successful, intuitive coach in a few hours or weeks?


  • Hannes Stefan, founder of HOLEA

The HOLEA Method: More than just intuition training and intuitive coaching

  • The HOLEA coaching method focuses on horizontal leadership on one level instead of from above and thus also supports stress management and relaxation in challenging situations in professional or private life.

  • The HOLEA method helps you to transport your inner self to the outside. You intuitively find solutions within yourself and learn to transport them outwards through resource-oriented coaching

  • The method also helps you to adopt a neutral and non-judgemental attitude, as well as different roles and perspectives. Through emotional coaching and emotional intelligence you learn how to consciously change these at any time.

  • All HOLEA Holistic Coach training content is presented in an innovative way that makes learning fun and intuitive through specially developed interactive coaching sessions in the areas of breathing, perception (Open Focus), personal development, motivation and the body.

These 3 states of the HOLEA method support you in
your communication and relationship building:

"AHHH exciting", can help you open your mind in a childlike, wondering way that makes it easier for you to look at the world with fresh eyes and develop a certain curiosity and openness to new experiences.


"AHA okay" can support you to connect more deeply with others and develop emotional intelligence to communicate and interact with others more understandingly


"HMMM" can help to strengthen your self-confidence and self-acceptance by creating a deeper connection with yourself.


HOLEA - the most effective Holistic Coach training through the innovative learning concept BELIEVE.LEARN.SHARE

What you believe and what you believe in is decisive for your learning success.

"Believe" makes the beginning. In the first weeks we work with beliefs. We take care of your beliefs and create alternative beliefs as a basis for your learning success.


HOLEA coaching training
HOLEA coaching training


Scientifically proven learning methods such as micro-learning and evolutionary learning support you step by step on your way.

 The content is presented to you in chunks and develops gradually so that you feel more and more capable and able as you learn. This way of learning is highly effective and relaxing at the same time. With our method, you discover the superpower of imitation to subconsciously store the learning content. Through this transformative approach to learning, you develop a deep understanding of the subject, enabling lasting change

Your learning success will be much faster if you share your results with your team right from the start.

Day by day you become more confident and grow into an independent super learner.


HOLEA coaching training

HOLEA came about quite intuitively and touched my heart deeply. Through the holistic perspective I have gained a completely new perspective and experienced how simple and easy it can be. Every HOLEA coaching is a gift and it is exactly this gift that I would like to give to as many people as possible.

Rosa Maria, Founder of HOLEA

The HOLEA method is a combination of proven coaching approaches whose successeshave been scientifically provena wide range of studies

HOLEA: The science-based coaching method

This concept combines meditation, mindfulness and biofeedback. The study "Biofeedback-Produced Hemispheric Asymmetry of Slow Cortical Potentials and Its Behavioural Effects" (Fehmi, L. G., & Sundor, A., 1989) shows that this technique improves the self-regulation of brain activity and leads to an increased sense of well-being.

HOLEA coaching training

Open Focus 

The study "Alterations in brain and immune function produced by mindfulness meditation" (Davidson, R. J., Frewen, J. F., & Irwin, W., 2003) shows that meditation leads to a structural change in the brain and thus improves cognitive and emotional functions. The study "The role of intuition in the generation and evaluation stages of creativity" (Gilhooly, K. J., Georgiou, G., & Devery, U., 2013) also shows that mindfulness meditation has a positive effect on the immune system and supports stress management. 

HOLEA coaching training

Silent meditation

It is not for nothing that successful personalities such as Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey swear by their own intuition. The study "Intuition in the context of decision making" (Dane, E., & Pratt, M. G., 2007) clearly shows that one's own intuition plays an important role both in finding ideas and in evaluating ideas for creative solutions. As a result, better decisions can be made. 

intuition training and intuitive coaching.

Intuition training

Research shows that the attitude of a coach or trainer is crucial for the success of coaching. In the study "Evidence-based coaching: A systematic review of the empirical literature" (de Haan, E., Duckworth, A., Birch, D., & Jones, C., 2013) it becomes clear that especially the positive attitude of the coach as well as empathy and authenticity lead to better results. 

HOLEA coaching training

States Coaching 

With the HOLEA method in 3 steps to a successful Holistic Coach

 Learn to listen to your inner voice to make intuitive decisions


Subconscious learning: 
Through intuitive learning via your subconscious you learn the HOLEA method in the long term.



Observe how your skills, mindsets and achievements change naturally


For whom is the HOLEA coaching training suitable?

intuition training and intuitive coaching.

With our interactive online training you will learn the HOLEA method in just 5 weeks and can start your financial independence as a certified HOLEA coach.

HOLEA for private individuals

As a leader or team leader, you will develop intuitive leadership skills in the 5-week HOLEA coaching training in order to recognise and promote the potential of your team members.

HOLEA for managers

The HOLEA Holistic Coaching Method is the key to your personal development as a holistic leader. Discover a new level of your intuition to live your full potential in your private and professional life. 

Start your journey to success now with the HOLEA coaching training 

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