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HOLEA Coaching Training for Leaders: Unleash your leadership potential through efficient intuition training

Learn to follow your own intuition in the 5-week online coaching, tolead your team successfully 

Support your team members as a trained HOLEA life coach by recognising and promoting their potential and thereby increasing employee satisfaction.

Enhance your skills as a team leader by learning the innovative HOLEA coaching method for leaders to successfully lead your team and foster harmonious relationships. 

The online HOLEA Coach training enables you as a leader to follow your own intuition to identify opportunities and make clear decisions even under pressure. 

Get support from other HOLEA coaches during your coaching training and benefit from personal exchange in monthly supervisions

Benefit from our interactive learning platform, in which you can easily learn the HOLEA coaching method in 5 weeks.

HOLEA Executive Coaching is suitable for

As an entrepreneur, do you want to create a positive corporate culture and foster harmonious relationships so that shared growth is possible through sustainable management? 

holistic training for leaders


You are already responsible for leading a team and want to learn how to motivate and support your team members more effectively to reduce staff turnover and manage conflict effectively? 

holistic training for leaders


Are you aiming for a leadership position and want to expand your skills through innovative and holistic leadership coaching in order to lead a successful team?

holistic training for leaders


Is dissatisfaction in the team currently standing in the way of sustainable growth?

  • You are not satisfied with your team performance, you have the feeling that they work against each other rather than with each other and you do not know how to solve the tensions and conflicts in the team. 

  • The desired results do not materialise, or are only achievable with a lot of effort - this leads to even more dissatisfaction in the team. 

  • There is also a lack of understanding within the team and a lack of team spirit, which makes sustainable growth seem impossible.  

  • You feel powerless as a team leader and know no solution to break out of the negative spiral and stop the employee fluctuation. 

Are you ready to expand your leadership skills with innovative approaches?

Learn self-management as a leader in order to no longer act analytically but intuitively and to promote your personal development in the workplace

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training

Benefit from proven techniques and methods to stay calm in stressful situations, think clearly, and make optimal decisions so that sustainable growth is

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training

Recognise and understand the potential of your team members through mindful leadership to improve staff retention and development.  

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training

Identify optimisation potential to streamline work processes and recognise the key to efficient growth to increase sales with ease 

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training

In 3 steps to value-based leadership the
 HOLEACoaching Training for Managers

Book a free strategy talk 


Learn the HOLEA coaching method in the online training 


Leading your team to success  


What the participants say

Claudia Tastel

"The next steps are now very clear to me. I have slept very well and through the last two nights, I have also started my morning routines again. Thank you for everything, I feel like now is exactly the right time for change!"

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training
Catharina Rocchi

"After HOLEA, it is much easier for me to take on the strenuous daily business and the challenges. It has opened up new perspectives and thus room for manoeuvre. I feel freer and more confident and it is even noticeable in my private life. Your almost casual comment in response to my statement "I probably let too much get to me": "You also let too much out!" has a good effect and I have done things differently, especially in contact with my family. It helps!

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training
Claudia C.

"I am more positive again and also think more positively. Even if decisions have already been made. I am more open to what is coming. HOLEA has taken away emotional pressure and sadness and anger. I am more relieved and content and more with myself."

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training
Marie, 14, schoolgirl

"It was and is totally liberating, as if a heavy lump has been removed from my heart. I now know what I can do to make myself feel better in this situation."

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training

The HOLEA coaching training helps you to recognise and strengthen the connection between intuition and leadership. Learning proven techniques such as intuition training, mindfulness training or senses helps you to act with clarity, empathy and calmness even in stressful situations. The HOLEA coaching training thereby also supports you in living the "NEW WORK" concept in your company. The development of employees' potential enables maximum productivity and satisfaction in the team.

Your advantages from HOLEA leadership coaching:

This is what awaits you in HOLEA Coaching for Managers

Learn techniques and methods to stay calm and think clearly in challenging situations and live resilience in management.

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training

Stress resilience

Improve your interpersonal skills to minimise conflict and staff turnover. 

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training

Mindful communication

Learn to use your own intuition in intuition training to make clear and informed decisions and live value-based leadership. 

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training

Intuitive decision-making

earning content, exchange with other participants and mentors, as well as the supervisions - all this takes place on one platform.

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training

All-in-one learning platform

Benefit from our interactive learning method to acquire knowledge on a subconscious level in the long term

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training

Innovative learning concept

Unleash the full potential of your team members by leading in an empathetic and supportive way, increasing staff retention and enabling shared growth within the team

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training

Team Empowerment

Hannes Stefan and Rosa Maria

The contents of the HOLEA coaching training for executives

  • 5 e-learning modules with 16 interactive coaching sessions for every learning type for visual, auditory, haptic and cognitive learning - an ingenious combination of playful learning and proven didactic methods
  • Daily task and practical exercises to deepen the learned contents and methods and to check your own learning progress
  • Specially developed interactive coaching sessions in the area of breathing, perception, personal development, motivation and body awareness
  • Evolutionary and transformative structure of the training according to the principle of Mircolearningso that learning is fun
  • Various course plans and instructions that make your work as a HOLEA coach easier, e.g. instructions for silent HOLEA meditation or a coaching plan for 7 days so that your coachees can continue to work independently without your support

Your Personal Bonuses:

  • In our interactive learning environment you can listen to all spoken learning content from a female or male voice (The value of this BONUS cannot be paid for with money). 
  • Monthly online calls with supervisions in which we are personally there for you with all your concerns.
  • Community platform for exchange and other participants.
  • Mentors Advice: Your personal mentors support you on your way and are always available on our platform for questions.
  • 1 year unlimited access to the entire content of the platform: learning content, supervisions, exchange in the community and with your mentors.
  • Digital Diary to Reflect on Every Day.

The training to become a certified HOLEA Coach has a total value of over € 20.000,00

Our personal offer for you to start your financial independence today: €3.690

This is what awaits you in the HOLEA COACHING training

As a HOLEA mentor, you are an independent brand ambassador for HOLEA and recommend the HOLEA coaching training to others. You will receive a commission for the recommendation, the mentoring of a new HOLEA coach as well as your own team at HOLEA.

Become a HOLEA Mentor

HOLEA is a methodology that emerged intuitively and touched me deeply in my heart. It simply has everything you need, whether it's about transformation, change, growth or creation. Through the holistic perspective I have gained a completely new perspective and experienced how simple and easy it can be. Every HOLEA coaching is a gift. It is a magic moment every time people go home totally changed, finally feeling themselves and consciously acting from the heart. HOLEA changes, and that is exactly why we want to bring it out into the world. The thought of my first HOLEA experience still touches me and makes me marvel. This is exactly the moment I would like to give to many people out there. 

Rosa Maria, CoFounder of HOLEA


Rosa Maria
Hannes Stefan Trummer

We, Rosa Maria and Hannes Stefan, have both spent a lot of time in different trainings without achieving the desired results. Hannes Stefan, as an entrepreneur, was always under pressure to train his managers quickly and effectively so that they could conduct efficient employee coaching themselves. In doing so, he repeatedly encountered difficulties in conducting effective staff appraisals. It was precisely this situation that gave rise to the HOLEA method.  Rosa Maria was sceptical at the beginning whether the intuitive coaching method really works, but she convinced herself of its effect and now even trains HOLEA coaches herself with enthusiasm

We are Hannes Stefan and Rosa Maria

The founders of HOLEA Coaching

What the certified HOLEA coaches say

Karin Solar 
Body-Skin-Soul Balance Practice

I was looking for further training and found out about HOLEA through a recommendation. The stories about the HOLEA method immediately touched my heart. The beauty of HOLEA is that I can easily integrate the method into my everyday life and have a positive start to each new day thanks to the daily exercises. I am even more in touch with myself and my way of thinking has changed. I can heartily recommend HOLEA to anyone who is interested in inner and outer growth. It doesn't matter if you are a therapist, alternative practitioner, psychologist or self-employed. HOLEA is an enrichment for everyone who works with people. 

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training
Sarah Schneider

My experience with HOLEA was very inspiring and pure growth for me. Especially the effect in the simplicity of the approach was surprising for me. I can use this method creatively in my energy and am always impressed by how nourishing it is. I can use it very easily. It needs hardly any preparation and equipment and can be easily adapted to any situation and coachee. This sober, clear view is very supportive for my work as a coach. I have meanwhile incorporated the individual methods, such as silent meditation and alignment, into my everyday life. I find the method particularly suitable for people who are looking for down-to-earth, holistic, clear coaching that makes change quickly noticeable and sets anchor points for change and balance in everyday life.

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training
Daniela Gaigg

The HOLEA coaching training was a total enrichment for me in its holistic way. It has helped me to take a more neutral view and I notice clearly that I judge situations less and often simply experience and accept them as they come. HOLEA has inspired and enthused me, so much so that I have recommended it to others around me a few times. In my opinion, the HOLEA method is suitable for everyone who is looking for personal development with a holistic approach. 

HOLEA Holistic Coach Training
  • In the dynamic business world, continuous professional development is more important than ever. Through your own development, you can gain skills to successfully lead your team and achieve goals. Our teaching approach goes beyond traditional training approaches as you learn to trust your own intuition. This encourages innovative ways of thinking. This unique approach enables you to make informed decisions, better motivate employees and ensure sustainable success in the company. 

  • With the HOLEA coaching training you invest not only in your professional self-realisation and competences as a leader, but also in your own well-being and personal development. The intuition training will not only help you to perceive yourself, but also your environment with completely different eyes and to direct your energy to the really important things in life. 

  • You get access to an exclusive learning platform where you can find all the learning materials. These are divided into individual modules for you, so that you have a precise learning plan for each day. This learning plan also offers you flexibility, because you can study when and where you want. If you want to take more than 5 weeks, that's no problem either, because you have full access to all learning content for 1 year. 

  • If you take 1 hour a day, 5 days a week, you can complete the HOLEA coaching training in 5 weeks. 

    The learning plan is a recommendation from us, but if you want to take more time, that's no problem. You can set your own learning pace on your way to a self-determined life. 

Frequently asked questions

Start your journey to becoming a successful leader today

  • Learn how to lead your team to success in the 5-week HOLEA coaching training for leaders. 

  • Benefit from the experience of other HOLEA life coaches who will support you as mentors on your personal path to becoming a successful leader. 

  • Learn how to recognise and use your own intuition with the help of proven techniques and methods such as mindfulness or meditation training, in order to be stress-resistant and make the right decisions even under pressure. 

  • So that terms like staff turnover or dissatisfaction in the team soon belong to the past

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