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Honest insights into the
HOLEA Coaching Training 

The HOLEA story

The HOLEA method developed intuitively from an experience of both of us. We have invested a lot of money in different coaching trainings ourselves, only to find out that there is an easier way. We believe that the traditional way of becoming a coach is outdated and want to show you a more efficient and effective way. 

Our backgrounds in human energetics, psychology, educational sciences and entrepreneurial leadership have been incorporated into HOLEA's intuitive coaching approach. HOLEA is more than just training to become a mental coach. HOLEA changes, because personality development is made possible through the support of mentors, and leads the participants of the coaching training together to success. We would like to bring the HOLEA method out into the world together with you, in order to make a contribution to mindful cooperation.

The mission behind HOLEA Coaching Education

Hannes Stefan Trummer

I used to invest a lot of money & also time in education and training, but today I know that with HOLEA - THE EASIEST coaching methodology in the world, it is also possible to become a successful, intuitive coach in a few hours. My idea was to develop a simple and at the same time efficient coaching method that really brings results and changes the lives of many people.

Hannes Stefan, Founder of HOLEA

Supplementary option or idea: this is how Hannes Stefan's life as a manager has changed - before: best employees have quit after: team spirit, satisfaction... 

We are Hannes Stefan and Rosa Maria
The founders of HOLEA Coaching

Rosa Maria

HOLEA is a methodology that emerged intuitively and touched me deeply in my heart. It simply has everything you need, whether it's about transformation, change, growth or creation. Through the holistic perspective I have gained a completely new perspective and experienced how simple and easy it can be. Every HOLEA coaching is a gift. It is a magic moment every time people go home totally changed, finally feeling themselves and consciously acting from the heart. HOLEA changes, and that is exactly why we want to bring it out into the world. The thought of my first HOLEA experience still touches me and makes me marvel. This is exactly the moment I would like to give to many people.

Rosa Maria, CoFounder of HOLEA


You want to work with the HOLEA method?
Then you have these options:

The 5-week training to become a holistic HOLEA coach enables you to achieve personal growth and self-realisation. After the training you can work independently as a certified coach. Our high-quality coaching training is perfect for you if you want to build up a second mainstay alongside your family or full-time job.  


 HOLEA Coach Founders

Take the HOLEA method out into the world as a certified HOLEA coach and be rewarded by us: as a HOLEA mentor you are an independent brand ambassador and receive a commission as a thank you for your recommendation. This way you can also build up a passive additional income. 


 HOLEA Coach Founders


HOLEA supports you as a leader to make intuitive decisions and to recognise and promote the potential of your employees. This enables sustainable growth in the team and conflicts can be solved efficiently. HOLEA enables you to become a successful leader in business. 

 HOLEA Coach Founders

​Interview mit Hannes Stefan Trummer auf Express TV

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