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Become a HOLEA mentor and together support other people on their way to financial independence

Let us grow together! 

As a certified HOLEA Coach you have the opportunity to become a HOLEA Mentor.
You are an independent brand ambassador for HOLEA and recommend the HOLEA coaching training to as many people as possible. In this way, you can make a personal contribution to more mindfulness in our society. 

And the best thing about it: You will be rewarded for your recommendation in the form of a commission! You can build up an additional passive income as a HOLEA mentor.

HOLEA is changing and we want you to spread the word!

In 3 steps to financial freedom as a certified HOLEA coach

Book a free strategy talk 


Learning the HOLEA Coaching Method in the Online Training 


Inspire and inspire others as a HOLEA mentor   


Become a HOLEA mentor now: 

As a HOLEA mentor support other people on their personal path to financial independence.

Benefit from your opportunity to become a HOLEA mentor and spread the HOLEA method to the world. 

Complete the HOLEA Coaching Training to start earning money from home as a certified HOLEA life coach in as little as 5 weeks. 

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